Christian Professionals Overseas – Series – Part 2 – About Us – I have a dream …

Japan Disney – You never know where your travels may take you and what opportunities there are for outreach … :), By CPO.

What if I said you could get a ticket to virtually ANY OF THE 195 COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD by becoming a CPO … – … And it  is relatively easy … ??? Well that is what this website endeavors to help you to do.)

I Have a Dream … to the Moon? …

I have always been a bit of a dreamer … when I was 5 years it was like be a garbage-man because they are cool … and they have a cool truck. Hmmm then it was like be an Apollo astronaut ’cause they can go to the moon … I collected all these NASA pictures, made rockets out of toilette paper roles and dreamed of blasting off to other worlds.

Next it was like start a billion dollar business with real estate, stocks and oil …. I had it all planned out meticulously on paper.

Goals are important but? …

But then my family dragged us off to a crusade where an evangelist gave an invite to those who wanted give their lives to Christ …. I did and things were different.

I cannot say it was smooth sailing, for it was not, but Christ in the end prevailed.

I dreamed of outreach but was too timid to share …. but grew out of that too.

I dreamed of being a doctor to go to the mission field …. but was not good at math.

I dreamed of perhaps becoming a diplomat but that shoe didn’t seem to fit either.

An Education Degree and Graduate Studies … in Linguistics and TESOL

But I did like languages and after several years of detours made it through a degree in education and another in linguistics…. and TESOL …

Along the way I was influenced by books and folks to the next step in my journey …. 🙂

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