Christian Professionals Overseas – Series – Part 1 – About Us

Shanghai – You never know where your travels may take you and what opportunities there are for outreach … :), By CPO.

(What if I said you could get a ticket to virtually ANY OF THE 195 COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD by becoming a CPO … – … And it  is relatively easy … ??? Well that is what this website endeavors to help you to do.)


My name is Michael and my wife’s name is Yan.

I am a North American and my wife is Chinese. 🙂

After graduate school I hopped on a plane and started my adventure.

Come explore the world of opportunities of overseas life … living and working abroad with me!

How to live overseas as a Christian Professional Overseas and be light everywhere is the mission of this website….

Maybe you can share your stories with CPO too.

Whether starting a business, working, semi-retired or retired – the possibilities are endless.

Explore with me this new exciting journey  of sharing and outreach everywhere! The world … the planet is our garden – or oyster if you like … 🙂

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